Who we are

Albert Massaad company was founded in 1963. It manufactures steel furniture for private and public sectors. Since its creation, albert massaad™ has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of office furniture and medical furniture, while providing efficient solutions and services to its Lebanese and the Global customers. In 2001, the mobile shelving system was introduced.

What we do

albert massaad™ shelving systems: Manufacturing of mobile shelving systems; electrical, double decker shelving systems, and static.

OFFICEDIVISON : Design, Produce, markets and imports task, executive office furniture,storage systems, waiting areas, and auditoriums.

MEDICALDIVISION : Medical furniture for hospitals, doctors & Medical Equipment.


Brief History

Mr. Albert Massaad started to work in this field in the late 50’s. In 1963, he founded the company; a small workshop was established with two machines producing cabinets, filing cabinets, shelves and desks. With a lot of work and dedication, the workshop grew to become a full-fledged company in the 70’s with reallocation to a larger space in Bauchrieh’s industrial city with the investment of equipment for greater manufacturing output. Soon a new showroom and a second plant followed in the Mkalles Industrial city. In the 90’s, Massaad’s children pursued their father’s path and together put the company on a higher and international level of professionalism gaining ISO 9001 certification followed by ISO 14001. The plant moved to Hosrayel in the industrial city of Jbeil with a 7,000 square meter surface area for larger production facilities investing in state of art robotized machinery. In 2006, Mr. Albert Massaad was decorated with the silver medal of the order of merit by the president of the Lebanese Republic for his lifetime efforts and contributions to promote Lebanese industry. Today, albert massaad™ exports to Africa, the Middle East, GCC, and Europe.


Our mission

With following departments at albert massaad™ is: To design, manufacture, and sell safe and efficient storage systems while optimizing space. (Shelving Systems) To imagine and design ideal working spaces. (Office Division) To propose top quality health care products and services in order to improve independent living and have efficient patient care. (Medical Division)

Our vision

Is to be a major player in MENA region in the next 5 years, to get new products line made of steel sheet, to implement a comprehensive solution in archiving such as using digitalization, to follow the latest trends for an ideal office space, to propose new solutions to the health care market while using robotics.